Scents and fragrances are so powerful - they have the ability to impact our body and mind. Our emotions, our mood, our memory.

Bring comforting, uplifting and joyful feelings into your home with our carefully curated range of scented candles. Experience the calming of Vanilla, the uplifting effect of Lemon & Lime, or bring back childhood memories with Pink Musk... our range has been designed with YOU in mind!

"I have received many products from Luxe Bath & Beauty and they are all so incredible! My favourite would have to be the Ceramic Love Candle - scent 50 shades! I highly recommend all of the products."

- Rachel (a.k.a. @house_of_o.u.r.s)

"Your candles are second to none. I'm never buying a candle from the store again!"

- Gladys

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