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Our range of natural mineral clays have been sourced from around the world. Each clay has its own unique colour and properties. Combined with stunning botanical plant extracts and essential oils, we have formulated a range that will give you the best skincare results

For centuries, natural clays and minerals have been used for their incredible ability to draw out toxins and impurities from the skin, soothing and hydrating it at the same time, leaving it with a beautiful 'glow'. 

Now it's easier than ever before to have your own at-home spa session using these beautiful clays and keep your skin looking its best. For the ultimate experience, use our floral waters to activate the clay, applicator brush to apply your mask, and cleansing sponge to remove it.

    Clay Mask Tutoril Video


    "The Chocolate Clay Mask is my favourite! It goes on so nicely and my skin is so soft and fresh after using it! I highly recommend Luxe Bath & Beauty products!"


    Taking care of your skin is more important
    than covering it up.
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