CERTIFIED ORGANIC100% PUREPEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OILMentha Arvensis10ml Peppermint Oil is so versatile. It is used to help alleviate headaches and migraines. That's why you'll find it in our Headache Essential Oil Roller. It can be useful for easing hay fever, sinus congestion, sea sickness and cold and flu symptoms. Peppermint Oil may also be beneficial for insomnia and mental fogginess. It can help you to focus, which is why we've added it to our Boss Babe Essential Oil Rollers. It's a refreshing and invigorating oil, and therefore included in our Energy Essential Oil Roller. Peppermint Oil is a lovely addition to cleaning sprays due to its antiseptic properties. Surprisingly, it's also an effective repellant for spiders, bees, mosquitoes and wasps. PLANT PART: HerbCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: IndiaEXTRACTION METHOD: Steam DistillationAROMATIC DESCRIPTION: Sweet, minty, clean, fresh DIRECTIONS FOR USE Diffusion: Use three to four drops in a diffuser. Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimise any skin sensitivity.See additional precautions below. Air Freshener: Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air by combining Peppermint with water in a spray bottle. Headache Relief: Add 20 drops (1ml) to 10ml of carrier oil and gently massage it into your forehead and temples.  OUR PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL:	Peppermint Ice Body Scrub	Breathe Easy Shower Steamer	Peppermint Shower Steamer	Headache Essential Oil Roller	Boss Babe Essential Oil Roller	Energy Essential Oil Roller  SAFETY: Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin irritation in some due to its high Pulegone content. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid during pregnancy. If you are nursing, or under a doctor's care, consult your physician.LOCAL PICKUP AVAILABLEALSO AVAILABLE AT C+CO PERTH


  • This product is certified organic by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) Certification #12456

    This means our Organic Oils are extracted from products/plants that are farmed under certified organic growing practices, guaranteed to be grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilisers.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil blends well with: Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium and Rosemary essential oils